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The huge variety of plant and animal life and the beautiful unspoilt scenery in the Pafos region make it a delight for those who love nature.

The flora of Cyprus – A botanist’s paradise



There are almost 2,000 wildflowers in Cyprus, of which 140 are endemic. Considering that the total number of wildflowers in Europe and the Mediterranean is no more than 2900, the island of Cyprus is a floral and herbal paradise.
A great number of its flowering plants have pharmaceutical properties with widespread uses, while a number of herbal products and essential oils are processed and sold locally.
The rich mythology associated with Cyprus is intricately interwoven with its flora, especially in the tales featuring Aphrodite.
Flora are also depicted in many ancient mosaic floors in Pafos, and nowadays a number of festivals are held in the spring to celebrate wild flowers. The red “Tulipa Cypria” grows in the Akamas area, and the “Sun-Eyed-Tulip” in the Polemi area.

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